Vision and Strategy
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With leadership holding a combined 30 years of government and private sector experience, SecureShot provides government contractors with superior recruiting services at a competitive rate. Whether in peace or wartime, SecureShot provides key personnel to accomplish your mission. We get it right–the first shot.


SecureShot provides key personnel who are trained and skilled in such areas as Data Analytics, Cloud Architecture, Software Development and Cyber Security. We are focused on the worldwide Department of Defense and Intel information technology, scientific, and engineering program areas and their unique personnel requirements.



SecureShot will only pursue the most highly qualified candidates to work on Department of Defense and Intel Programs. Our team secures key personnel who possess the most extensive expertise in Information Technology, Scientific or Engineering fields. It is our comprehensive vetting process that allows us to find the perfect fit for these highly specialized roles. We are the partner who will support your unique project needs in a timely and cost effective manner–It is our mission to provide the highest level of excellence to those supporting the Warfighter.